yes, today, i'm in a hole

It's raining in New York City today and i feel like I'm in a number of sad french films though I'm not even in France, I'm on 24th st. so, guess what am i? a poser. that's a vintage word. Also vintage are many of the verrrrry pleasurable photographs on my besties new blog called are you in a hole. check it out. maybe you'll like it so much that you'll offer to fly me to France as a consolation so i can be in my sad, slow and rainy french film. Gonna go listen to Elliott Smith and cry now. really. i am. no. actually i probably won't. but this is the internet so you can't see me. MUAHAHAHAHA.


  1. And of course by "poser," you mean the French equivalent--"poseur." Right?

  2. sam, tu es un poseur je crois!