if you want to go in on good music there is a music blog that i approve of.

This is a good song that i found on a good music blog that everyone in the world should look at because it is good. god is good. god is dead. i am nietzsche. SO, (above) Jens Lekman and the chick from The XX have a song together. And maybe a baby. I'm their baby. I'm your baby. Though i DO like the blog I disagree with their assessment of Jens Lekman, i think he's precioso and makes me happy like belle and sebastian did when i was 15. anyway, listen/watch the song above and check out the blog: i guess i'm floating

*sorry about that Lens Lekman bit...i thought that looked wrong. but i was distracted, i was being told a story about crackhouses in LA by a regular at the bar. GOOD REASON for an edit?

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