new york has kept gil scott heron alive long enough to write this awesome song.

so "new york is killing me" is every music blog's 'best new song'. fine. maybe I only saw a review of it on pitchfork. I just wanted to sound like i am well researched, unlike that dude, Zachary Kouwe who had to "resign" from the NYTimes last week for plagiarizing every article he's written in like the past 7 months. Way to be premier NYTimes. I guess New York is killing a lot of people (me and gil scott heron) and institutions (new york times, all print media). We're all trying to survive in this perro eat perro city. Me? I'm just trying to get a free meal. I suppose I should have gone to some fashion events during fashion week. i bet there was so much untouched food there that it was coming out of the cracks in the sidewalks. Actually it was probably just sitting there, neatly, on fold-up tables with plastic cloths. I'd like a free banana. Thank god my dad is coming to brooklyn right now. god damn these hunger pains. i need bread. banana bread. Listen to the song.


  1. nice post..I feel like its killing me sometimes too :)

  2. What did your pops end up bringing to Brooklyn?