geography is fun kids.

Tonight, Dash Speaks performs his new shat with another new hiphop duo Memory Laine at Gallery Bar. Dash Speaks, who writes and produces everything (as he works through in the song 'Army Of Me') infuses electro-pop-world-music creating a sound that accelerates us into a musical geographic location yet discovered. So go witness Dash Speaks doing new and exciting things like playing checkers with freak show women with beards. And piggybacking off of that will be Memory Laine funneling absinthe into one another's bellybuttons, back and forth.

Dash Speaks album Geography available for download at dashpeaks.com

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  1. Dear Author,

    Great post! Thank you for writing about Memory Laine. If only the blogosphere was filled with more people like you. The world would be a better place. Thanks again!