tegan and sara love a remix. i love tegan and sara.

So Tegan and Sara get down with a remix i guess. im mad excited for the ra ra riot, VHS or Beta and Four Tet. That's just me tho. above video is the original. do whatever you want. i'm not telling you to watch it. but if you don't i'll get dem alligator tears.

comes out mar 30 and the remix EP track listing is as follows:
1.Alligator (Holy F**k remix) 2. Alligator (Passion Pit remix) 3. Alligator (Toro y Moi remix) 4. Alligator (VHS or Beta remix) 5. Alligator (Doveman remix) 6. Alligator (Four Tet remix) 7. Alligator (Murge remix) 8. Alligator (Ra Ra Riot remix) 9. Alligator (Automatic Panic remix) 10. Alligator (Hi-Deaf remix) 11. Alligator (Dave Sitek remix) 12. Alligator (Sara's Original Demo Version) Bonus Club Tracks: 13. Alligator (Morgan Page remix) 14. Alligator (Kevin St. Croix remix) 15. Alligator (Mad Decent remix) 16. Alligator (Josh Harris remix) 17. Alligator (Hamel remix)

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