adoption is for everyone

I wrote my senior thesis on the complications of transnational, transracial, transcultural adoption. I wrote about how angelina jolie creates an image of herself worthy of candidacy for sainthood and how madonna tries to make transnational adoption (literally) in vogue. However, beneath the glitz and the glam there are adoptees all over these United States that grow up confused and sometimes ashamed of who they are; confused about having to identify certain ways in racially and culturally polarizing environments and ashamed at both the prospect of never understanding their former, unknown self and sometimes hating the life they were severed from. It's a tricky thing being an adoptee (i know because i am one) and i am excited to see if this film joins Avery's two lives (pre and post adoption) in a way that honors the disjointed and non-linear nature of an adoptee's experience.

check out the official website of the film: Off and Running


valerie is a penguin

this is a good remix for a day of unpacking my new house in brooklyn.


tom from myspace or tom who saves the world

i'd rather be tom who gives kids shoes. cause like i bet he's hotter. or at least his shoes are hotter than tom from myspace. tom from myspace wishes he could be tom the shoe. really. he told me. i could work for toms for a living. just saying. dream job.


scarlett johansson breaks up with pete yorn

so, this is mildly embarrassing. I like the Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn song "relator" from their album long collaboration entitled, "The Breakup" not yet released. I tried to resist the temptress (who serves more as an awkward and boring weirdo in the video) but the song is just SO CATCHY. I listened to it a couple months ago and divulged my secret to a few friends but now I think it's time i just come. clean.

An open letter to Scarjo:

Scarlett Johansson, you might have called me Cabbage when we were 10 years old but i've forgiven you and i even love your new song.

Love always,


only if you care about civil rights and humanity

The film, WILLIAM KUNSTLER: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE's theatrical release is this friday, 13th (that's weird) and I implore everyone in New York to go and pay the 3 mil (that's how much films cost in these trying times) and see it at Cinema Village on 12th and University. The documentary, directed by the late William Kunstler's two daughters, Sarah Kunstler and Emily Kunstler, explores the career of the radical and controversial Civil Rights attorney. Most fascinating (and surprising) is rather than revering Kunstler, the sisters explore and interrogate their issues with the controversial cases their father took later on in his career. So, children of the corn, instead of renting Freddy the 13th (or whatever) go see something far more intellectually stimulating. And tell your friends to get with my friends so we can be friends.


home shopping

sorry. I've been looking for an apartment. I don't seem to do anything else. And I don't seem to find one either. I, for some reason, thought I'd be choosing between mansion and estate. Though it's more like I'm finding shoe box after shoebox for $$ and a bootboxes for $$$.


sex in late jan and early february

photo cred 10.17
everyone seems to be born in the last weekend of octobre and the first week of novembre. needless to say i was celebrating all over new york these past few jours in various costumes. eating various red velvet cakes. one was from magnolia. Aside from the normal commotion of that place there was an added twist of the 20 marathon runners, peering over my shoulder waiting with bated breath until they could dig their ivories into a celebratory cupcake. I felt like i was in a marathon of sugar consumption this weekend. halloween. over. check. total body conditioning starts at 5:30. anyone? also french words make everything sound way more whimsical and romantic. I am trying to get you to want my life. alors.