only if you care about civil rights and humanity

The film, WILLIAM KUNSTLER: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE's theatrical release is this friday, 13th (that's weird) and I implore everyone in New York to go and pay the 3 mil (that's how much films cost in these trying times) and see it at Cinema Village on 12th and University. The documentary, directed by the late William Kunstler's two daughters, Sarah Kunstler and Emily Kunstler, explores the career of the radical and controversial Civil Rights attorney. Most fascinating (and surprising) is rather than revering Kunstler, the sisters explore and interrogate their issues with the controversial cases their father took later on in his career. So, children of the corn, instead of renting Freddy the 13th (or whatever) go see something far more intellectually stimulating. And tell your friends to get with my friends so we can be friends.

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  1. dear tete. hi. It's your friend anonymous here and I'm writing to implore you to continue on your funny and random rampages slash commentaries on all things random, slash things on all of our minds. eh hem Scarlett's album- sure we have a personal history, with shared ups and downs but that doesn't mean that I don't totally wanna hear her song too. So thanks. Thanks again. (wow that felt good to say.)