adoption is for everyone

I wrote my senior thesis on the complications of transnational, transracial, transcultural adoption. I wrote about how angelina jolie creates an image of herself worthy of candidacy for sainthood and how madonna tries to make transnational adoption (literally) in vogue. However, beneath the glitz and the glam there are adoptees all over these United States that grow up confused and sometimes ashamed of who they are; confused about having to identify certain ways in racially and culturally polarizing environments and ashamed at both the prospect of never understanding their former, unknown self and sometimes hating the life they were severed from. It's a tricky thing being an adoptee (i know because i am one) and i am excited to see if this film joins Avery's two lives (pre and post adoption) in a way that honors the disjointed and non-linear nature of an adoptee's experience.

check out the official website of the film: Off and Running

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