i have more time than you

my friend started this blog, I have more time than you and since she's become a recluse. i only know this (not anymore) privileged information because i saw her long beard through the little slit of her window in her basement apartment in Greenpoint that she shares with a geriatric Polish woman named Svelta. So really her blog isn't appropriately named because she actually DOESN'T have any time for work or friends or laughing anymore. she only has time for her blog. and for cutting Svelta's nails. and for scrubbing Svelta's corns. Anyway what she manages to do is pretty cool job for not having contact with the outside world. She posts music, art and graphic design things that i dont understand. So, check it out. And remember, don't start a blog children, because you might disappear into the Brooklyn abyss.

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  1. she sounds like a freak, but svelta sounds cool. do you have svelta's email address?