robyn bird is my new feminist hero?

remember her? I know you all remember "if you wanna hear us moan, call us on the phone." After getting over the nostalgia of seeing her blond hair (that a blind hairdresser dyed) and her white fingernails (which she sported every show), I was really impressed by the content of the clip. For close to 30 years she's taught nearly every 13 year old New Yorker since the 70s a thing or two about what grown-up boobies and penises look. A. The Bird-Lady has been a woman unapologetic about sharing her sexuality with public access viewers since the dawn of time. she has literal pioneer status. B. After a jaunt with her wikipedia page i realized that she has used her iconic channel 35 status to raise awareness and support development in AIDS research and LGBT rights and issues. Bird has also been engaged in legal battles with the state of NY since the 90s to keep her show public, free and unscrambled, defending the rights of people all over our fine city who want to enjoy pornography legally, freely and safely in the privacy of their homes, without shame.

So, let's all raise one to Robin Byrd for being mad cheesy, having that semi-creepy raspy voice, for loving the gays, the bis, the transgenders, people of color, sex on pool tables and sex in her weird neon studio.

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