roadtrip to dollywood?

i'm serious. i will absolutely drive (without a drivers license) to dollywood this summer. who's down? i'm also thinking of seriously getting it in on the shoulder pad blazer this (fake) spring. watch the video below of Dolly singing "jolene" my personal fave. and the dress she's wearing in the video? my wedding dress. not kidding right now. and her intro? she kills it. she literally says "Thank you [for buying tickets] i really need the money. it takes a lot to make this woman look so cheap." I love you dolly. and i wish i were a drag queen so you'd love me too. In all seriousness, "Jolene" is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. when i'm a famous writer i'll cover it. like scarlett johannson did with tom waits. i'll do things like sing songs when i'm a writer. foot in every door. no? foot in every puddle? foot in everrrrrryyyy patch? tete bad with idioms. tete no good with idioms. tete go to concert tonight at 10:30 of NSR at Crash Mansion. NSR and Dolly Parton would make a really beautiful song together. and baby. more baby than song. and they'd name her jolene. and she'd live part time on the upper west side and part time in dollywood. and she'd be a dragqueen so that her mommy would like her.

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  1. My roommate 1st semester soph was obsessed with Dolly, and while I fought it in the beginning I found myself knowing most of her catalogue before that short semester was over and using lines like “I'm busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.” When at the library studying.

    I’ve always dreamed of going there..and might I add I can drive