i'm permanantly blue for you now that you have another song i like

jacques renault. oh hey. hottie.
so today on my daily free download on RCRD LBL was a refreshingly good remix. You all remember the once i'msmilingalotbecauseifeellikeimontopoftheworld "bruises" by the band Chairlift that became i'mfrowningbecausethissongisonmadcommercialsandismadannoyingandmyheartwasjustbrokenandican'ttakethisanymore
Well here's a hit you can feel good about! The song "Evident Utensil" remixed by Jacques Renault. I'll always love a french remix but more importantly i'll always love a french man. fuck it, i'll always love exoticizing. but i can do that, cause i'm brown. and pretty. The song has the midas dance touch and has moved me to bop (even at this godforsaken hour) and (eventually) dance (when it's a different, but more appropriate godforsaken hour.) Why am I awake? oh cause i ate a grilled cheese and french fries at 2am and can't stop drinking water because, really, i'm convinced i didn't eat a grilled cheese and french fries at all but really ate all of the contents of a salt shaker disguised. shut up. get the free download here. and don't go to SUGAR on houston and allen unless you're looking to be dehydrated for the remainder of 2010.

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